The Hoppy Timeout
German blood- American heart
Welcome to Kathrin's Biergarten! We are Immigrants from Germany, a family-run Biergarten that offers Micro brewed beers and authentic German home-style cooked meals.

Although, we are still Germans in blood, the United States have captured our hearts, and we are happy to cheer to the American-German friendship we have experienced here.

Opening "Kathrin's Biergarten" is  like a dream. Creating a place for people who know that a beer is not just a drink to quench one's thirst, or fluid food, or fermented mash or a breakfast drink. As bold as this statement might sound, but it can be put as simple as this: Beer is culture!
The German abstract noun "Gemuetlichkeit" has been adopted into English. If one doesn't know what that means, and googles it, one will find numerous pages explaining it, AND - if one clicks on images- you'll get pictures of German Biergarten scenes, permented by Gemuetlichkeit.
And that is what "Kathrin's Biergarten" will offer you - exactly what makes a beer even more beautiful - the sense of "Gemuetlichkeit". 
It's more than outstanding beers and great food - you'll experience the atmosphere of a wonderful beer craft community - you'll be part of that culture. 

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